Beat insomnia without pills  -  Enjoy restful sleep  - Feel energized

Your sleep coach will work one-on-one with you

  • guide and support you throughout the sleep therapy program
  • provide clear assignments and personal advice on a weekly basis
  • give feedback and answer any questions
  • help you to make the necessary changes fit your personal lifestyle
  • help you stay motivated and disciplined enough to follow through with the complete program

With the Somnio program you can overcome chronic insomnia

  • establish a number of habits that are proven to improve your sleep
  • adapt a positive way of thinking about sleep
  • make sure you sleep environment is not interfering with your sleep
  • learn and practice effective ways to wind-down, deal with stress, and relax
  • overcome sleep-related anxiety

The techniques and tips that you will learn, the new habits and ways of thinking that you may adapt will remain useful and effective after you completed the treatment.