Polysomnography and Polygraphy

  • A versatile and flexible sleep diagnostic system for PSG or PG monitoring and analysis in clinical and scientific work.
  • Galaxy supports several amplifiers, from ambulatory PSG/PG to high density, with up to 256 channels.
  • Galaxy is compatible with a large range of sensors.
  • Synchronized video and audio

Galaxy has FDA approval

Download the Galaxy brochure.

We can send you the Galaxy software as a free trial. Please contact us for more information. 

An integrated EMR system to manage patient care and increase productivity.

  • Efficient patient and workflow management
  • All clinical documents in one place
  • Data mining and clinical outcome analysis
  • Encrypted database
  • The cloud system provides remote scoring and reporting

Extensive analysis, reporting and exporting for clinical and research objectives.

  • Unique Dynamic Summary Window displaying a wide array of sleep parameters, graphs, plots and animations
  • User selectable 3 window display for past, present and future waveform viewing in data collection and review

Advanced graphics with multiple views for faster review and quality control

  • Intelligent automatic scoring algorithms during collection and review
  • In-depth analysis tools, including Pulse Transit Time and phase analysis