The activities and  milestones of Personal Health Institute international are listed below.

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October 2015

Personal Health Institute international has appointed Fypro as distributor for the Dutch market. As Fypro is the Dutch distributor for Actiwatch actigraphy this opens an exciting opportunity to combine PSG and actigraphy reports.

Fypro is based in Geffen, Netherlands, T: +31 (06) 22048871, Email:

September 2014

Curative Medical has received SFDA (Chinese FDA) approval to sell Galaxy in China.

October 2013

The book 'Healthy Sleep in a 24-hours economy' (in Dutch) is published. The book is intended to teach people to live and sleep better in the present 24-hours economy and cope with jet lag, shift work etc. 

ISBN: 978-90-820270-0-6. Hofman, W. & Fischer, M. (2013) Gezond slapen in een 24-uurseconomie. Amsterdam: Personal Health Institute International. 93 pages

March 2013

Personal Health Institute international has appointed Curative Medical as distributor for the fast growing market in China and Asia.

Curative Medical is based inSuzhou, China, T: +86 (0512) 69217308, Email: 

December 2011

The Galaxy polysomnography system has received FDA premarket approval!