Personal Health Institute international (PHIi) is a dynamic technology-based company that is dedicated to improving healthy sleep in a broad spectrum of health care applications. We offer state of the art PSG and PG systems for patient monitoring and diagnosis.


PHIi also offers a drug free treatment of insomnia, which a patient can follow in the comfort of his own home.


As a third pillar we work on the prevention of sleep problems and the increase of awareness that healthy sleep is important by giving sleep workshops for companies.


For PHIi research is a very important tool to work on our mission to improve health care in sleep. We strongly believe that technological innovations can help to bring health care closer to the people who need it.


The senior management of the PHIi has over 50 years of experience in sleep. In the nineties of the last centurie they were with their company Medcare the first company to come with a Windows based PSG system and to have synchronised digital video. In 2005 they started PHIi to develop tools and services to improve health by supporting diagnosis and self-management.