Saturn, an ambulatory amplifier

Saturn is an amplifier family that can be used as an ambulatory amplifier or as a small lab amplifier. The Saturn amplifier is available in a 22 or a 38 channel version for full polysomnography or polygraphy recording. A separate DC-input box is available as an option.


The amplifier can be connected  to a pc with a bi-directional optical fiber cable. For ambulatory use the amplifier can be powered by batteries and the data is written on an SD-card. The data from the SD-card can be imported in Galaxy for further analysis.


The Saturn amplifiers are true DC amplifiers, making it possible to study slow EEG oscillations from zero Hertz.


  • 22 or 32 channels version
  • Flexibility in channels for EEG/EOG/EMG, ECG, respiration, etc.
  • True DC recording
  • Shielded electrodes
  • Sample rate up to 2048 per second
  • No hardware filter. Software filtering in Galaxy
  • 8 external DC-inputs
  • SpO2 channel
  • Ambulatory recordings with built-in battery and Flash memory
  • Input noise less than 1 μV rms
  • 22-bit A/D, 71.5 nV/bit resolution
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit
  • Optical fiber connection with the pc