The flexibility of the Galaxy sleep diagnostic system offers you the possibility to choose from a wide range of amplifiers, suitable for every need. Ask us for information on compatibilty with other amplifiers.


Jupiter amplifier

  • Jupiter is a very compact laboratory amplifier offering you a flexible choice of channels.
  • The sophisticated combination of amplifier and headbox, worn in a pouch, gives an increased freedom of movement.
  • The possibility of a plug and play daisy chain gives you the choice from 42 channel PSG up to 256 channels.

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Saturn amplifier

  • The Saturn amplifier family can be used as an ambulatory amplifier or as a lab amplifier.
  • Saturn is a true DC recording amplifier with up to 32 channels of PSG and EEG.
  • The amplifier can be connected to a computer via Bluetooth or Fiber optic.
  • Choose for internal storage if you want to do home recordings without a computer.


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Sirius amplifier

  • Performs high density EEG studies with this high end, truly DC-recording EEG amplifier.
  • With a choice from 64 to 256 EEG channels and additional polygraphy channels it is possible to perform sophisticated high density EEG studies.


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